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Sewage poses a very significant threat to human health and real potential for life-threatening illness. When sewage invades a building, it requires immediate and appropriate action and it is not the same as ordinary water damage.

Affected TubSewage contains huge amounts of bacteria and is a perfect growth media for bacteria. Some factors that determine the impact of contamination within the building include: the volume and solids content of the sewage, whether a basement only or involves multiple levels, what structural parts have been affected, how long the contamination has been allowed to grow, building use, and especially who uses the affected areas.

The longer the contamination is allowed to persist, the greater the microbial growth and resultant damage. Bacteria and microbes will become airborne and can be inhaled causing illness.

Disaster Restorations will immediately start the vital containment processes, removal of sewage, water and organic matter, thorough decontamination and disinfecting of the salvageable building portions, removal and disposal of contaminated porous materials, and proceed with structural dry out.

For the health and safety of the building and it's occupants, do not attempt to remediate sewage damage without professional techniques. Disaster Restorations follows strict remediation industry health standards and E.P.A. approved procedures and sanitization products to protect the dwelling occupant and our remediation technicians.