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When Disaster Strikes

What TO DO & NOT TO DO When Disaster Strikes ...


DO identify the source of the incoming water & if possible, stop it or call a professional to handle it.

DO turn off all electrical appliances in an & around the area affected by water to reduce electrical hazards.

DO remove or elevate furniture off wet areas to prevent permanent stains or rust marks.

DO empty out closet floors, including shoes & cardboard boxes which could cause staining.

DO call us day or night to schedule an inspection or to begin drying procedures.


DO NOT turn on ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet, & stay away from sagging ceilings.

DO NOT rip up the carpet & pad. This could cause permanent damage to the materials.

DO NOT leave books, newspapers, & other paper materials on wet carpets or floors.

DO NOT attempt to dry carpeting with an electric heater. It will only dry the surface & not the padding.

DO NOT turn up the heat above 68 degrees, as this will cause mildew to become active.