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Water Damage Restoration

Disaster Restorations' goal is to get your property back together for you as soon as possible. Our first priority is to limit further loss and damage. Our second priority is to hasten THOROUGH drying of structure and contents to help prevent mold. We will try to minimize disturbance to you, however some inconvenience may be inevitable.

Water damage restoration may include the following:

  • Work authorization agreements signed.
  • Moisture detection to determine the extent of damage. We check all surfaces including walls, carpets, sub-flooring, and crawl spaces as needed.
  • Water extraction, if needed.
  • Move and block up furniture as needed.
  • Application of safe deodorizer, disinfectant to inhibit bacterial growth and mildew in carpets.
  • Set up drying equipment.
  • Monitor drying equipment and drying progress. THOROUGH drying typically takes 3-7 days, but can take longer.
  • Paperwork for insurance company and owners.

Notes to homeowner/occupant to help with restoration as possible:

  • Remove all valuable items to a safe place.
  • Remove all breakable items from the furniture in affected areas and move to an unaffected area.
  • Remove all dry miscellaneous clothing, shoes, toys, etc. from affected carpeted areas in the wet rooms. When moving wet items, do not put wet items on top of dry items, especially wood furniture, as damage may spread. Don't "hide" wet items or they may mildew. We can also dry your contents. Renter's contents are not usually covered by the landlord's insurance.
  • For safety, please make arrangements to have pets removed from the premises or confined in an unaffected area.
  • Furnish us with a key for access.

** Unsanitary Conditions** DO NOT track contamination into unsoiled areas.

Once THOROUGH drying is complete, we can proceed with the following:

  • Repairs of all types, if needed.
  • Reinstall carpet and pad.
  • Clean affected carpeted areas.
  • Move and reset furniture as required.
  • Final inspection and sign off.